Welcome to the quick start program.  You made a great decision!

This is the best way to get up and running quickly and will get you to compliance quickly.  We will spend 3 hours together walking you through the 4 major components of our award winning software.

Here’s what each hour will cover:

Hour 1 – We’ll take a full tour of your dashboard and the navigation and walk you through adding employees and administrators and discuss assigning training.

Hour 2 – We’ll dive into policies and procedures and show you how to edit and send to the staff for confirmation.  We’ll also show you the forms library and talk about custom tabs.

Hour 3 – We’ll get into the Risk Assessment and walk you through how to take the assessment and how to get your report and mitigate right through the report.  We’ll show you how to print and add the report to your file repository.

Hour 4 – optional  If you decide to use our Vendor management tool, we’ll give you a free overview of our Tracker software.  Its a big program and if you’re managing more than 4-5 vendors, this program is awesome!

To get started, click the button below to schedule your first session.