Denise Greek

Founder and CEO

Denise is Protect’s founder and CEO.  She is responsible for the general direction of the company and also acts as the company’s CFO.  Denise comes from the insurance industry having specialized in personal and commercial lines were she managed several agencies.

Susan Schulte

Compliance Director & Content Creator

Susan brings more than 35 years of experience to Protect as our content creator; including policies and procedures, risk assessment and our Library. She has conducted many audits, at different levels from various regulatory and federal bodies to internal reviews, as a consultant.  She’s our MVP!

David Greek


David manages the product marketing and software design for Protect.  He uses his sales background in Mergers and Acquisitions, Internet marketing and Insurance to guide all marketing initiatives for Protect.  He also does whatever his wife tells him to do.  😉

David Vincent

Director of Product Development

David brings to Protect more than 20 years in healthcare.  As Director of Business Development, David leverages his vast relationships over the last 20 years to assist groups and associations endorse and provide our solutions to their valuable members.

Sourav Roy

Director of Software Development

Sourav is our chief software developer.  Sourav manages our team of software designers.  He has 25+ years developing state-of-the-art solutions based on cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, mobile apps, web applications, eCommerce and mCommerce.

Marge McFarlane

Senior OSHA Compliance Officer

With more than 45 years of healthcare experience, Marge is our Medical OSHA content creator.  She’s responsible for our educational training and policy and procedure review.  She has conducted many onsite surveys for medical offices for various regulatory agencies as a consultant.  When it comes to OSHA, Marge is definitely in charge!

Your Name Here

Title Unknown

Protect is looking for good people.  We want to hire motivated people who share our vision and work ethic.  We work hard and we play hard!  Jobs we’re entertaining right now.  CFO, sales associates, customer service reps.  Please send your resume to the email below. Thx.