Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the only product I need to be fully compliant?

Our program is designed for the small to medium size facility and comes with everything needed to get and stay compliant. There may be special needs for certain types of facilities and your dedicated helper has expertise in HIPAA/HITECH and will be able to answer any questions you have as well as recommend solutions if needed.

Do I need to get certified in HIPAA Compliance?

This is a bit of a myth regarding HIPAA/HITECH certification. There is no official certification process that exists as a standard but some companies have created certification programs that offer training and upon completion offer a certificate but HHS does not recognize any as a standard yet.

Can I change my subsription level up or down as needed?

Yes you may at any time adjust your product level. Adjustments can be done inside the software and our highly secure recurring billing software will make the adjustment on the next billing cycle.

What are the payment options for the program?

We offer monthly and yearly payment options.  Pay yearly and receive a 10% discount.  We offer payment through our highly secure 128bit SSL Encrypted payment portal and Stripe to process payments. The monthly and annual billing is auto-debited each month or once per year until you cancel. For our larger accounts, we can offer manual billing and invoicing through QuickBooks.  We accept all major credit cards.

I see there's a monthly payment. Other programs don't have this. Why?

We did a ton of research and the best and only way to stay compliant is by paying a membership fee coupled with a cloud based solution. The problem we saw with competitors is they offer updates free for a set time then at the renewal, charge a high fee for renewal. Maintaining a monthly membership fee guarantees you are getting the fastest updates possible. We simply update your dashboard which triggers a notification to you letting you know an update has occurred.  There’s no wait time and should you get a visit by an auditor, you can be sure you are 100% compliant.

Are all the compliance forms I need, included?

We supply all needed forms that are needed for compliance. Our program comes complete with several needed forms and we are constantly adding new forms every month. Need a form, just submit a support ticket and we’ll add one to the system. Have your own forms? Simply add them to your dashboard and edit accordignly using our editor. All forms can be fully customized with Logos and copy specific to your facility. Forms include Word Doc, Excel and PDF.

Does the minimal priced solution have support?

All our solutions come with full support. Simply click “Support” on the right side of your dashboard and we will respond the same day unless it’s a weekend then we’ll respond next business day.  We also offer consulting time blocks where you can hire one of our compliance experts to help you with the tough compliance questions.

Is there a way to monitor my Business Associates?

We offer two levels of vendor management.  We have Full and Light.  Our light is a simple vendor list with a dedicated file repository for each vendor.  Add the vendor to a list, send a provided BAA agreement to each vendor and once returned, drop it in the file repository.  Our Advanced vendor management tool is called Tracker.  It is a full featured program that provides you with the ability to manage the relationship between you and all your vendors. Simply add vendors one at a time or globally import up to 5,000 and automatically send vendors an invite to a private dashboard. Once inside, you can push questionnaires, evaluations, assessments and surveys.  You can send BAA agreements or any contract inside the system and each vendor has an upload center in their dashboard where they can upload back into their file repository for storage.  Tracker comes with all needed forms, a dashboard with full graphical analysis and a search feature. Vendor panels come with a full file repository, breach management, file upload system and an intranet to make communication with the CE seamless.

What is the Concierge Quick Start Program

Upon checkout you will be offered our “Concierge Quick Start Program” which is 3 separate hours of assistance getting through our program.  Some clients, like a personal touch and this on average can save several hours of staff time getting to compliance.  You can also ask our compliance experts on staff questions specific to your practice.  Not a required feature but one many clients love.

Are there video instructions that assist in the program?

We have training videos inside Protect and we are adding more to specific sections every month. We built Protect to be very intuitive and navigation around your dashboard is easy!

Can I cancel the service anytime?

You may cancel the service at any time and there are no long term contracts. You won’t be able to access your dashboard and helper should you decide to discontinue our service. We have less than a 2% cancel rate once the compliance process is completed.

Are there any yearly charges besides the monthly fee?

Simply maintain your monthly fee and there are no added fees. Ever!