Protect is a Female/Minority Owned Corporation

Protect inc. is a minority owned, female owned corporation.  5 years ago, we solved a major problem in the health care industry.  We saw that more than 87% of small to medium size health care practices were out of compliance at some level.  Our data came from over 8 years interviewing more than 4000 practices.  Many had a set of policies and procedures but on average were 3 years old.  Most didn’t have training for staff, a risk assessment or properly managed 3rd party vendors, so we went to work creating a state-of-the-art platform that combines all areas of compliance into one convenient solution.

Our goal was to create a system that was complete, condensed and insanely affordable.  Our solution is designed to protect patients, personnel and practice using pure automation.

Protect is a complete software solution that combines 6 critical areas required to reach compliance without taking massive time and resources.

Our Mission:  Change the way all health care providers manage compliance today and tomorrow!


Compliance - 35 years
Privacy and Security - 30 years
Audits and Mitigation - 26 years
HIPAA Law and Security Risk Assessments - 22 years


We’re on a mission to get every small to medium practice compliant using the most advanced compliance management tool on the market.  We set out to create a product that will change the way all small to medium size companies get and maintain compliance and so far we’re achieving this goal.  Our mission is to consolidate every area of compliance and create a friendly, intuitive platform that is complete, condensed and highly affordable.

Denise Greek

Corporate Founder and President
Staff Trained



Our SaaS based platform comes with everything needed to get and maintain compliance.  Training, Policies and Procedures, Risk Assessment, Vendor Management and much more!


Our program is the most efficient on the market.  We have only 10 policies and procedures and our risk assessment is 30 questions and fully meets the HIPAA requirement.

Insanely Affordable

Protect is a membership.  Despite having the most complete program on the market, our program is also priced fair.  We want long term very happy customers who protect their patients, practice and personnel as long as they own their practice.

Feature Rich

Protect comes with many other powerful features.  A learning management system, a whistleblower tool, asset management, custom forms library, audit and breach management, OSHA Training and much more.